FECA - Part 10 - Claims for Compensation Under FECA

FECA Part 10 Claims for Compensation.pdf

OWCP Mega-File

OWCP Mega File.pdf

Adequate Work Definitions - USPS

Adequate Work Definition-USPS.PDF

Understanding the Adjudication Process - DOL - OWCP

Adjudication of OWCP.pdf

AB-1 Application for Appeals Board Review

AB-1 Application for Appeals Board Review.pdf

Burden of Proof - US DOL

Burden of Proof - OWCP.pdf

Addressing Aggravating and and Pre-Existing Conditions

Aggravating and Pre-Existing Conditions.pdf

The “Bruner Presumption”

Bruner Presumption - Fired for Being Disabled.docx

Causal Relationship - Information to Assist Your Doctor

Causal Relationship-Info to Assist Doctor.pdf

Chiropractic Treatment for On-The-Job Injuries - Roy Haire, LBA - December, 1996

Chiropractic for OTJ Injury.pdf

Claim for Permanent Impairment - 20 CFR 10.103

Claim for Permanent Impairment.html

Claim for Recurrence - 20 CFR 10.104

Claim for Recurrence.html

Claim for Wage Loss Compensation - 20 CFR 10.102

Claim for Wage Loss Compensation.html

Management Contacting Your Physician - The “Anderson Letter” - July 14, 1999

Contacting Physician -Anderson Letter.pdf

An Introduction to Controversions, Disputes, and LWEC’s (Training for Supervisors)

Controversions, Disputes and LWECs.pdf

Continuation of Pay - The Basics (Training for Supervisors)

COP - Basics.pdf

Articles from Bert Doyle - NALC Compensation Department - 1998


Articles from Bert Doyle - NALC Compensation Department - 1999


Articles from Bert Doyle - NALC Compensation Department - 2000


Continuation of Pay (COP) - M-01681 - Explanation of the First 3-Days of COP

COP - First 3 Days - M-01681.pdf

Explaining the Unexplainable:  Everything a Supervisor Needs to Know About Workers’ Compensation - Department of Veterans Affairs - July, 2007

EVERYTHING Supv. Needs to Know About OWCP.pdf

Functional Capacity Tests - Contract Talk - 1997

Functional Capacity Test - Contract Talk.pdf

How OWCP Determines Entitlement

How OWCP Determines Entitlement.html

Howe Electronic Data  - CD of Decision Appeals

Howe Electronic Data - CD with Decision of Appeals.pdf

Involuntary Reassignments

Involuntary Reassignments.pdf

OWCP Pays for Most Exams, Reports, Travel, Etc. - Doc Ellis, MD

Dr. Ellis - Doctor's Bills - Never Pay on OWCP.pdf

Leave Buy Back - Part 1 - Ron Watson, RAA - October, 2001

Leave Buy Back.doc

Leave Buy Back - Part 2 - Ron Watson, RAA - December, 2001

Leave Buy Back Part 2.doc

Leave Buy Back and Correcting the Record - 9th Annual Federal Workers’ Compensation Conference

Leave Buy Back and Correcting the Record.pdf

Gold Nuggets of Medical Issues - 9th Annual Federal Workers’ Compensation Conference - July 31 - Aug 2, 2007

Medical Issues - Agency Gold Nuggets.pdf

Critical Elements of the Medical Narrative - 9th Annual Federal Workers’ Compensation Conference - July 31 - Aug 2, 2007

Medical Narrative - Critical Elements.pdf

Protecting Medical Privacy - March, 2008 Activist

Privacy - Protecting Medical Privacy - March 2008 Activist.pdf

NALC Guide to NRP (National Reassessment Program) - Withdrawal or Failure to Provide Limited Duty

NRP - A Guide.pdf

NALC Injury Compensation Manual - December, 2002

Injury Compensation Manual-NALC.pdf

OWCP Telephone Inquiries

Telephone Inquiries.pdf

CA-14 Revised - Replaces Postcard Notification From OWCP

CA14-Revised - Replaces Postcard Notification From OWCP.pdf

OWCP Address - Centralized Mail Address For Entire Country

OWCP implements a centralized mail process.pdf

OWCP - Home - DFEC District Offices Contact Information

OWCP - Forms (OWCP Forms Are Also Located under FORMS in This Site.)

ECAB - Home

ECAB - Board Decisions

OWCP Bill Processing Portal

Bill Pay Portal.pdf

Letter Carrier’s Job Description

Letter Carrier Duties.pdf

Limited Duty Grievance Guide

Limited Duty Grievance Guide.pdf

Light Duty Grievance Guide

Limited-Light Duty.pdf

Disability Evaluation Under Social Security

SocSecurity Disability Evaluation.pdf

Carrier Duties Slideshow - Can Be Given to Doctors to Show Them What Your Duties Consist of

O W C P - 
Office of Workers Compensation Program

CA-550 - Questions and Answers About the Federal Employees Compensation Act - USDOL - OWCP - Updated 7/02 From Fedworkerscomp.net

CA-810 - Injury Compensation For Federal Employees - USDOL - OWCP - From CAIT


FECA - U.S.C. 5 - Chapter 81 - Compensation For Work Injuries - January 23, 2000

FECA 5 USC Chapter 81.pdf
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